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Georg Flegel's 1625 Still Life portrays a lemon in the context of the Early Modern period. This painting depicts a meal probably consumed by the merchant or noble class. The lemon would perhaps be used to season the bird on the plate. This painting…

Within in an account of the people and environement of the island La Espanola, an Illustration showing four trees, labelled mamei, guaiaua, guanauana, and platano

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This source is a plant catalogue that displays the role of the bell pepper in the lives of the people of Jamaica and Spain.

Indian Nectar: A Discourse on Chocolate pages 48 and 49
This book is a first-hand account by English Physician Henry Stubbe of the different methods of making chocolate and the uses of chocolate in South America in the 17th century.

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The gardener of a lord in England gives his advice for growing cucumbers in the tricky climate

Book of woodblock prints (46 leaves) in ink on paper, colours added by brush, showing the processes involved in rice growing and sericulture (winnowing, stacking of sheaves in a rick, etc.) taken from the 'Yuzhi Gengzhi tu'. Preface by the Emperor…

Depicted is John Leypoldt's smooth-cut copper engraving of tomatoes growing on a vine, which was reprinted by the Library of Congress. The image was likely originally drawn and colored by Basilius Besler, for whom Leypoldt worked as an engraver. …

A botanical engraving of solanum melongena from Johan Wilhelm Weinmann's "Phytanthoza iconographia." At center, solanum melongena with leaves, two flowers, and two round purple fruits. Below, botanical classifications.


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John Gerard, an English botanist, describes the tomato plant and fruit in his seventeenth century herball.

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The sixteenth-century botanist John Gerard classifies and describes solanum melongena, or "madde-apples." At left is a woodcut depicting solanum melongena. The woodcut depicts the plant's chaotic tangle of leaves and characteristic flowers; at bottom…
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