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The descriptions of plants, animals, resources, and people in the West Indies and Mexico, in Samuel de Champlain's journals from his voyages 1598-1601

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The sixteenth-century botanist John Gerard classifies and describes solanum melongena, or "madde-apples." At left is a woodcut depicting solanum melongena. The woodcut depicts the plant's chaotic tangle of leaves and characteristic flowers; at bottom…

This source is a later Italian edition (the original was published in 1544) of Pietro Andrea Mattioli's herbal, Di Pedacio Dioscoride Anazarbeo libri cinque della historia, et Materia Medicinale trodotti in lingua volgare Italiana.This 1555 edition…

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The gardener of a lord in England gives his advice for growing cucumbers in the tricky climate

Print showing various types of trees and shrubs, with a distant view of many ships in the harbor and of the city of Havana. Includes a numbered key showing: 1. The Cavanos; 2. The Morro; 3. Entrance of the Harbour; 4. The Punta; 5. Redoubts; 6.…

Accounts from several different European explorers

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This source is a plant catalogue that displays the role of the bell pepper in the lives of the people of Jamaica and Spain.

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Natural history of various species

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This is a reproduction of a drawing of Bixa Orellana by Salvador Rizo Blanco for Real Jardin Botanico: Dibujos de la Real Expedición Botánica del Nuevo Reino de Granada (1783-1816), directed by J.C. Mutis. One of the purposes of Mutis's project was…

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A man selling onions in the way they were sold in London at this time: hanging in long rows from a pole
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