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Book of woodblock prints (46 leaves) in ink on paper, colours added by brush, showing the processes involved in rice growing and sericulture (winnowing, stacking of sheaves in a rick, etc.) taken from the 'Yuzhi Gengzhi tu'. Preface by the Emperor…

This page specifically describes the author's account of the foods grown in Granada, a region in Spain.

The title page of the book "Beschreibung der Ostindischen Kusten Malabar und Coromandel" depicting native peoples, animals, and resources. This book was a travel log, geography, and ethnography of Sri Lanka and the Southern Indian coastal regions…

Natural and moral history western indies.JPG
This book includes "the notable things of the heavens, the elements, metals, plants, animals ; and the rites, ceremonies, laws, government, and wars of the Indians" (p. xvii) in the west Indies.

This work describes tomatoes, how they are grown, where they are grown and their qualities as a food.

Page 10 of "The general history of China ..."
An encyclopedic survey of China, Tibet, and Korea, drawn from the reports of Jesuit missionaries

A painting showing an abundance of fruits and foods.

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Taro Illustration
This item is a scientific illustration from the late 18th century of the taro root. It is from a catalog of plants by Buc'hoz.

This ceramic vessel from the Moche Civilization of South America features a spout and a figure with a peanut-shaped body
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