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Around 1560, Georg Bocskay, secretary to the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I, created the Model Book of Calligraphy to exhibit his skill and mastery of writing styles. Thirty years later, Joris Hoefnagel was commissioned to illuminate Bocskay's text.…

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A man selling onions in the way they were sold in London at this time: hanging in long rows from a pole

José de Acosta, a Spanish Jesuit and naturalist, discusses the use of chili peppers in the West Indies. The chapter focuses on the varieties of chili peppers, their medicinal properties, and the ways in which indigenous peoples used them.

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Spanish historian and missionary Bartolome de las Casas records his interactions with the native peoples of the West Indies, including their foods. In this excerpt, he describes specifically the taste and significance of the peanut, or maní.

Ogilby, John-America_being_an_accurate_description.cocoa.pdf
Five Native Americans are brewing a chocolate drink with cocoa beans and cooking instruments.

This ceramic vessel from the Moche Civilization of South America features a spout and a figure with a peanut-shaped body

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This image is one of over five hundred woodcut illustrations that were part of a book written by Leonhart Fuchs, De Historia Stirpium commentarii insignes, which was originally published in 1542. Albrecht Meyer drew the plants based on observation,…

Taro Illustration
This item is a scientific illustration from the late 18th century of the taro root. It is from a catalog of plants by Buc'hoz.

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This snuff bottle composed of bamboo explores the relationship between nature and daily life in Chinese culture during the Qing Dynasty

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The title page of the book "Beschreibung der Ostindischen Kusten Malabar und Coromandel" depicting native peoples, animals, and resources. This book was a travel log, geography, and ethnography of Sri Lanka and the Southern Indian coastal regions…
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