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A still life oil painting of various types of fruits resting on a stone ledge. Several of the fruits, including the pumpkin, are split open to show their seeds.

Snuff Bottle Side 1
This snuff bottle composed of bamboo explores the relationship between nature and daily life in Chinese culture during the Qing Dynasty

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Mrs. Holts Shop Card.jpg
Copy of a trade card by Hogarth for Mrs Holt's Italian Warehouse used for advertisement; Mercury talking to Florence, who sits with items of trade: a jar of oil, fan, hat, violin etc., men loading other items onto a ship at right, Rome in background;…


The first representation of a tomato in Europe was found in Pietro Mattioli's Discorsi on Dioscorides' Materia Medica. This book was first published in 1544. This specific image, however, is from a later edition of this book published in German in…

Piment ou poivre d'Inde
This image is an ink drawing of a pepper plant found in Bryan Edwards' "The History, Civil and Commercial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies." The illustration appears in Volume I-II.

Cucumber in the upper left corner

Georg Flegel's 1625 Still Life portrays a lemon in the context of the Early Modern period. This painting depicts a meal probably consumed by the merchant or noble class. The lemon would perhaps be used to season the bird on the plate. This painting…

source 1.png
John Gerard, an English botanist, describes the tomato plant and fruit in his seventeenth century herball.

Depicted is John Leypoldt's smooth-cut copper engraving of tomatoes growing on a vine, which was reprinted by the Library of Congress. The image was likely originally drawn and colored by Basilius Besler, for whom Leypoldt worked as an engraver. …
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