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Mrs. Holts Shop Card.jpg
Copy of a trade card by Hogarth for Mrs Holt's Italian Warehouse used for advertisement; Mercury talking to Florence, who sits with items of trade: a jar of oil, fan, hat, violin etc., men loading other items onto a ship at right, Rome in background;…

Illustration of Man Carrying Koji.jpg
An image produced in the late 17th century that gives insight into the nuances of the process, tools used, and care given in Koji Production. Koji is a type of unrefined soy sauce that is treated with microorganisms in order to produce fermentation.

drake manuscript.jpg
This source image displays red, green, and yellow peppers with a description of each in relation to the lives of the native peoples of the West Indies.

Tetzcotzingo_site view.jpg
Template: Discuss the historical context of this item.


The descriptions of plants, animals, resources, and people in the West Indies and Mexico, in Samuel de Champlain's journals from his voyages 1598-1601

IMG_0524 abc.jpg
This is a reproduction of a drawing of Bixa Orellana by Salvador Rizo Blanco for Real Jardin Botanico: Dibujos de la Real Expedición Botánica del Nuevo Reino de Granada (1783-1816), directed by J.C. Mutis. One of the purposes of Mutis's project was…

This page specifically describes the author's account of the foods grown in Granada, a region in Spain.

Inspired by the work of botanist Leonhart Fuchs, Flemish physician and botanist Rembert Dodoens published his own herbal titled Cruijdeboeck with 715 woodcut images in 1554. This image is Dodoens' representation of the red variety of the tomato.…

Snuff Bottle Side 1
This snuff bottle composed of bamboo explores the relationship between nature and daily life in Chinese culture during the Qing Dynasty

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