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The descriptions of plants, animals, resources, and people in the West Indies and Mexico, in Samuel de Champlain's journals from his voyages 1598-1601

Indian Nectar: A Discourse on Chocolate pages 48 and 49
This book is a first-hand account by English Physician Henry Stubbe of the different methods of making chocolate and the uses of chocolate in South America in the 17th century.

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Natural history of various species

Within in an account of the people and environement of the island La Espanola, an Illustration showing four trees, labelled mamei, guaiaua, guanauana, and platano

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Copy of a trade card by Hogarth for Mrs Holt's Italian Warehouse used for advertisement; Mercury talking to Florence, who sits with items of trade: a jar of oil, fan, hat, violin etc., men loading other items onto a ship at right, Rome in background;…

Accounts from several different European explorers

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This source is a plant catalogue that displays the role of the bell pepper in the lives of the people of Jamaica and Spain.

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This is a reproduction of a drawing of Bixa Orellana by Salvador Rizo Blanco for Real Jardin Botanico: Dibujos de la Real Expedición Botánica del Nuevo Reino de Granada (1783-1816), directed by J.C. Mutis. One of the purposes of Mutis's project was…

Page 10 of "The general history of China ..."
An encyclopedic survey of China, Tibet, and Korea, drawn from the reports of Jesuit missionaries

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This book includes "the notable things of the heavens, the elements, metals, plants, animals ; and the rites, ceremonies, laws, government, and wars of the Indians" (p. xvii) in the west Indies.
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